सोमवार, 30 मार्च 2009


I have been greatly troubled by a question; what is the most dynamic thing in the world?
Several plausible answers cropped up and were rejected erstwhile. Lately, I struck at a satisfying answer, so close that i was bewildered at the solution. It's the "mind". The same thing that generated the question, had the answer colloquially.

The "mind" is different from the brain. Brain is what we have, mind is what we get. Brain is all about Potential energy, mind is all about Kinetic energy. Ever wondered, one fraction of a second it's here just in front of you, and the next it wanders to the scenic beauties of Switzerland. At an instant it's concentrating, next it's busy playing a song for oneself. a feat no supercomputer can achieve, that too in so less space.It's the all controlling, directing authority, sometimes authoritative, sometimes humble. It knows the best way always, the smartest calculator ever made. It's been rightly said by someone, " In creating man, God somewhat under estimated his ability."

The men of highest order and merit know how to tap this resource to the maximum. Each one of them has developed a unique process within themselves, comprising of time-management, multitasking and what not, to work out an effective thought process for goal attainment. It's always advisable to use this most dynamic natural resource to the best of one's capability.

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