सोमवार, 30 मार्च 2009

Why a day has 24 hours ??

Why a day has 24 hours ??

Had it one and a half more,
There would have been more powers and towers.

More time to have some showers,
More time to manage the drawers.

One could chase his ambition longer,
Further his dreams would wander.

Well, the Sun, Moon would have been the same,
Allowing an hour for a basket ball game.

Morning walkers would shed extra pounds,
With a decent increase in number of rounds.

Office work would not have been less,
As they would still observe DST i guess.

Children would have been more cheerful,
With longer times of play heartful.

Youth would have more time to kill,
Or utilize it, if they will.

Philosophers would generate more thought,
More thieves would get caught.

The Sun clocks would need more space,
The Big Ben would have to loose its pace.

Give it a thought, had the day been longer,
You would have done all that you wish and wonder.

It’s just my weird conception,
Transmit further if there is good reception.

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