सोमवार, 30 जनवरी 2012

My chat with God

Akshat Dabral on his a bit heavy day today... No differences with God, just a light chat with Him :)

God i know that you are great,
but lets settle it between us,
while i put it to you simple and straight.

With all these people potatoes in your crate,
you find only me to grate?
I always want something else,
and land up with the things i hate?

I often do not complain,
nor iam in this mind's state.
But what to do o almighty,
when events continue you to frustrate.

I plead, please put some goodies here,
please add some sweet to my plate.
What all happens is all yours order,
its all done as you dictate.

-- Akshat Dabral

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