मंगलवार, 6 अक्तूबर 2009

I believe in self, that i'll over come,
what may come.

I believe in action, that i'll perform,
to sail every storm.

I believe in strength, that i'll gather,
as i go on farther.

I believe in spirit , that toils and toils,
and never rests.

I believe in character, that stays intact,
and never bends.

I believe in courage, that i'll stand,
till it all ends.

Akshat Dabral

1 टिप्पणी:

  1. Yeah,
    Watch your thoughts, they become words.

    Watch your words, they become actions.

    Watch your actions,they become habits.

    Watch your habits, they become character.

    Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.

    उत्तर देंहटाएं