सोमवार, 11 अक्तूबर 2010


I need no love,

I need no care.

Come what may,

In the eyes I’ll stare.

Stronger than wind,

Louder than thunder.

I am a born soldier,

I’ll die fighting,

Rather than surrender.

I think big, not common,

Have vision, beyond horizon.

Small worries don’t bother me,

Nor do the petty achievements.

To some of you,

I might be rogue.

And to some others,

Totally out of vogue.

So, so be it,

If so it is.

I’ve been like this,

Since old ages.

I won’t change O world,

So it suits you.

I’ve been a stubborn boy,

All the way through.

It is the right way,

If it is my way.

I wish to change day to night,

And night to sunny day.

All I need is a chance,

To prove my mettle.

Be it the silent wars,

Or the fierce battles.

It’s not me, but the youth,

Who writes.

For it’s not me, but the youth,

Who fights.

Akshat Dabral


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