रविवार, 5 अप्रैल 2009

A place called DehraDun

Often people ask me ,
where are you from ?
I smile and answer ,
A place called DehraDun.

God does'nt bless many with this boon.
To be a part of the heavenly Dun.

Splendid near view of lush hills.
The cool breeze gives you tantalizing chills.

Weather so pleasant and changes so soon.
Morning it's summer, evening monsoon.

People here are polite and enlightened.
The education level is scholarly and heightened.

The place has given many great souls.
Who have achieved ' to be proud of ' goals.

The youth is the heart of the city.
With vivid colors and striking diversity.

The Beatles cherished it , dedicated a song for it.
You cannot help , but just long for it.

I wish i was there,
When the spring flowers bloom.
The place i belong ,
A place called DehraDun.

- Akshat Dabral

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